@PlasticMillennial photographing cookies for a partner for the SandyByTheBay.com blog. San Francisco, California.

@PlasticMillennial photographing cookies for a partner for the SandyByTheBay.com blog. San Francisco, California.


@plasticmillennial on Instagram is a modern art project that showcases the daily life of a food photographer and journalist through the perspective of a Chinese-American Barbie doll. Each photo is carefully crafted to depict a story in Plastic Millennial's life through the scale of a human, and not of a Barbie's. You will see miniature 1:6 scale food being featured such as real Chinese egg tarts, pumpkin-shaped candy corn shown as jack o'lanterns, and heart-shaped fruit (coconut meat and mango).

Plastic Millennial is inspired by @SocalityBarbie's depiction of the lives of millennials and modern-day hipsters. Plastic Millennial includes inspirational quotes and positive messages to encourage you, cheer you up and get you through the day. Named London, after the creator's favorite city, some believe that she is the alter ego of the founder of Sandy By The Bay. Like her creator, Sandy, London is passionate about photographing food and can be seen traveling to other parts of the world, including New York, Los Angeles and London. She is often seen engaging in activities from her cultural heritage, such as drinking bubble tea or eating egg tarts. References to her frequency of taking food photos and her dating of Kens that are outside of her race, are meant to provoke thought and spark conversation about the Asian American cultural stereotypes within the media.

A lot of thought has been put into detail of every photo as well as the meaning and purpose behind each quote that has been chosen to accompany each photo, even down to the location. You will see special details such as her vintage camera that includes a black leather case with a brown leather strap, real porcelain dishes, bowls and cups, as well as metal utensils. London can be seen sporting the latest fashion trends as a modern day hipster and yuppie. Her collection of 200 pairs of glasses can be seen throughout the series; if you look carefully, you can even see glasses with real lens glare. She has 3 dogs named after her favorite foods: Bubble Tea (Bichon Frise), Milk Tea and Macarons (twin chihuahuas).

The food that gets featured on Plastic Millennial is sometimes real and edible, and other times, fake and made out of plastic or polymer clay. Fresh food ingredients (milk, sugar, flour, butter) including London's favorite milk brand, Organic Horizon, is showcased. A real miniature strawberry banana milk smoothie has also been featured in the series; these photos linked back to the SandyByTheBay.com blog.

@PlasticMillennial is a brand extension of @SFFoodPhotography, as it simultaneously features a partner's products along with @SFFoodPhotography. Just like many food photographers and bloggers, Plastic Millennial features strategic food partners, restaurants and shops, and stays on top of the latest Instagram photography trends, including photos of overhead shots, food in hand shots, close-ups of food and homemade recipes that link back to the blog. 






London enjoying a cup of coffee in Oakland, California.

London enjoying a cup of coffee in Oakland, California.


As of December 2016, @PlasticMillennial has started to strategically partner with key brands to grow brand awareness and increase user engagement. Our first brand partner is Sharetea, a Taiwanese based bubble tea company that focuses on creating delicious Asian dessert drinks from high quality tea and fresh ingredients. If you're interested in collaborating and getting your brand, restaurant or shop featured through this account, please contact me.

Recent Sharetea Collaboration: